Pandemic Style Closing

April 24, 2020 was the epitome of a bitter sweet day. This day was to be an exciting time in a new home owners life and a rewarding career moment in a real estate agent’s career. Well, it was supposed to be.

The day’s leading up to the closing of a new home for my client, I realized that this one was different. I didn’t have much to look forward to. Neither did my clients. We were in the final week and approaching the moment when my clients will now own a beautiful new home but it didn’t feel right. There would be no hugs, thank you’s or closing gifts. No screams of excitement when they are handed the keys. They won’t be rushing to their new home to open up the door for the very first time and enter on their own with anticipation of how, what and when they will start the process of building their lives there.  No take out pizza to sit on the floor and eat with a growler of beer from the local brewery celebrating their first moments in the house. All of the “Normal” moments that happen after buying a home, won’t happen. Instead, the house stayed empty, quiet and alone.

Covid-19 Pandemic has adversely effected every single person on the earth. Everyone has a story that they will compare with someone else in the future just as we do when we discuss 911. Where were you during the Pandemic? Did anyone you know get sick or worse? What did you do when you were quarantined? How did you survive? Didn’t you miss being away from your friends and family? How did you work? All these questions and more, each of us will have an answer for and a memory to share.

My memory about COVID-19 that I’d like to share with you was the closing on 4/24/2020. My out of town military family clients were grounded by the govt. until May 10. Two weeks after closing. No, wait. Scratch that first plan. 3 days before their closing my military family had their stay extended until June 30th. Now more than two months after closing on their new home. The two and a half weeks were doable. Two months? Crushing. Two months until they can enter their new home they just bought in CT, as long as things go according to this new every changing plan the govt. has put on the restrictions of social distancing, quarantine and no fly orders put on the military. One more very disturbing factor for my clients that I should mention that makes this even harder on them, husband is in Hawaii & wife is in Arizona. The unexpected distance put between them has all but overshadowed their semi-excitement of their new move to CT and plans for future. Expected deployments are one thing but UNexpected separation is sad. Hence the closing with no pomp & circumstance.

In February, Mackenzie flew to CT with her father from Arizona to search for a new home for her & her husband who is in the Navy. They were being transferred here from Hawaii. I was really excited to meet her and show her all the things I love about this area of CT. We spent the day together going to open houses to finally sit down at Mystic Market with a cup of soup and go over all our possibilities and answer any questions. It was a beautiful day. Within the week that followed, we found a house that she fell in love with, put down a deposit, had inspections, toasted over a beer at the brewery and flew her out just in time to get them home before the no fly restriction was imposed. Back to Arizona she went with her father excitedly awaiting her return for the closing. Which of course you now understand did not happen.

Over the past 6 weeks since she left CT, I’ve realized how important my job is. It’s not just a job, it’s a very personal relationship between a client and their realtor. Trust is the key factor and I took that very seriously. I worked hard  during this pandemic to provide the best service possible amid COVID-19. Not everyone involved in this transaction knew what it took to get this deal done in our new era of “Virtual Reality”. We had to time everything just right across 3 time zones. So much extra went in to this process and even though the days leading up to the closing felt uneventful, at the end, I was so proud. I was especially proud of Mackenzie. She had so much on her plate besides buying this house and never once did she break-down or give up. She pressed through and handled things with strength and determination. I know it wasn’t easy at times but we were a great team and we persevered.

I can’t wait to meet Eric, take my friends to the brewery and toast to their homecoming over a growler of SUBduction.

Jacqueline Hoyt

Proud Realtor

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Past, Present & Future of Groton, CT

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Cinnamon Apple Cream Cheese Breakfast Bread

My husband loves when I bake him goodies and pack them in his breakfast/lunch box for him to take to work. This bread is To Die For! I’ve pictures of me baking it this morning. Baking makes me happy and now that we’re under orders to stay home, I’ve got all the time in the world to be happy. Contact me if you’d like the recipe. Enjoy!


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The American Dream in the Midst of COVID-19

I’M AN OPTIMIST. I’ve learned I need to protect my spirit and other’s around me when we go through trying times. Be the positive voice. COVID-19 has been a reminder to me that I need to be that strong person. This pandemic we are all in together will be one for our history books, on line. Sure, I could worry. I have a mom who’s 84 (shhh), she’d kill me if I put that out there. I have son’s who are 19 and I don’t want them to get sick nor my husband, his daughter’s, his mother, etc. It’s true that we are all in this together. With that being said, cause that’s enough gloom and doom for me today, I have many things I am so thankful for and will quickly run back to my Optimism where I feel safe.

Unspoken words from my washing machine 

The other day while taking my time to do a load of laundry, I took notice of all the different cycles on my washing machine and how they could also represent times throughout our lives. Hot, warm & cold. Deep water wash, rinse, spin & energy saver. Heavy Duty, Bulky items, Casual, delicate, quick wash, soak & even a SOIL LEVEL. Smirking at that darn washing machine in all it’s wisdom, the one setting that stuck out to me the most was NORMAL. The normal setting we are saying will take place when things shake out after this pandemic. It’s actually being labeled as the “NEW NORMAL”. I was thankful for the time to do my laundry. I didn’t rush, throw it in, close the lid and run to do something more important.

My husband makes THE BEST coffee

My husband said to me over our 5 a.m coffee & morning news routine that you don’t hear about all the bad that happened over night anymore. The car accidents & accidental traffic death’s.  Violence, crime, missing children, politics,  and all the rest we used to hear in our “OLD NORMAL”. It was actually a shocking thought for me. That’s when I was reminded to look for the Silver Lining. In some crazy way there’s always a Silver Lining. Along with the tragedies of COVID-19 there are some beautiful changes happening in our society that will all add  to our “NEW NORMAL”. My optimism kicks in again.

I can’t find a cure for Covid-19 but I can help you find a safe home

I’m so very thankful for the beautiful home & wonderful neighbors that I have. Owning your own home and having a great place to live is nothing short of the American Dream. We are all remembering that now more than ever. I’m very fortunate to be a real estate agent especially in the year 2020. This will be a year of great change in how we work, do business and how we live. I feel that this pandemic will cause us all to take precious stock in our families and our home lives. We are being forced to stay home but realizing, as my home bound, scientist neighbor put it while he was taking an afternoon walk, “It ain’t so bad staying home”.

So, as we all weather this storm praying for our families health and working from home, I hope that you are able to find a small silver lining and find yourselves being thankful for _______.  (You fill in the blank). When the time comes in that thankfulness that you start dreaming of the American Dream, I’ll be here for you. I’d be so happy to help you find a beautiful house for you to make in to your own home. Take stock in The American Dream. It will be a big part of our “New Normal”.


Jacqueline Hoyt

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